Saturday, March 26, 2011


Found some great bargains for online coupons...unfortunately they expired today or I'd post the links for you! Will try to be more on the ball next time & share :o) I had a $20 off $30 Microsoft accesories coupon for Staples so got a new wireless keyboard that actually types all of the letters I hit on the keyboard :o) Also printed coupons for JCPenny's for $10 off $25 purchase, which my husband, daughter, and I were all able to use, so our family saved $30 on leggings for DD to wear under dresses, red towels for the kitchen that you can't see through, and purple towels for the bathroom that don't have pink spots on them! LOL We also started car shopping...I am in love with a pilot...he he he...a Honda Pilot that is! We test drove one today and it was really nice! Also looked at a Honda Ridgeline Pickup, but didn't have time to test drive it. They both have some really nice features...I have especially miss having anti-lock brakes & traction control, so will be glad to have those features back...and if we get heated seats, a sunroof, and DVD player in the deal...hey...sounds good to me! Hopefully we can find a good deal before the '94 Saturn with 200,000 + miles bites the dust completely.

DD & I also went to an ENDOW retreat today.http:// It is a really neat faith-study program. I am going to pray about becoming a facilitator so I can conduct the study programs in my area. ENDOW stands for "Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women"...something greatly needed today! The programs study different Catholic Church documents, saints, and the Bible and help women to realize and embrace their dignity and vocation as women!


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