Monday, January 30, 2012

One of my favorite blogs, The Modest Mom ( , is posting pics of outfits she wears to give us ideas. I thought I would post what I wore today :o) I went shopping with a couple of friends, so my shirt, sweater & jewelry are more than what I would wear on a typical day, but this jean skirt goes everywhere! I love it! I wear it to clean house, run errands, whatever...basically it is my pair of jeans :o) I will try to post pics once in awhile, because I know how much it helps me to see what others who are trying to dress modestly wear...and where they purchase things...and what shoes they wear! My skirt came from Style J ( The shirt & sweater came from Christopher & Banks. Usually my outfits come from Goodwill :o) But I have more than gotten my money's worth out of this's one of my favorites! I don't know what the 'style name' for these shoes are, but they are basically brown loafers. In the winter I usually wear cotton tights or long johns under my longest skirts because I am usually cold.