Thursday, March 3, 2011

One Thing I Am Doing for Lent!

I have decided that the girls & I are each going to 'get rid of' 40 things during Lent this year. I know some people do 40 bags, but that thought alone is overwhelming to me...especially since I am working full time outside the home right now. So I think we will concentrate on 40 things. I am starting tomorrow by donating some pictures and office supplies that I no longer use/need to Mary's Choice So I will be ahead of the game by at least 4 things :o)

I think we will also start praying 5 decades of the Rosary each night. We have been pretty consistent about 2 or 3 decades per night, so it's time to step it up!

Blessed Lent to you!


  1. Hi there~ Thanks for stopping by so that I can find you:-) What a beautiful blog this is. I love the Lenten recipe ideas...thanks for sharing!

  2. that is a great idea! We are working on simplifying here too. This year we will be simplifying our time without TV as a distraction. I wish you luck at your lenten project and may you bless many with your unneeded items