Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coupon Binder & Cash System

Thank you "Stockpiling Moms" for this link to "Coupon Binder!" I am just using a regular 3-ring binder for my coupons and had some recipe card sheet protectors that have 2 pockets per page. One of the blogs I read said you could use the protectors for baseball/trading cards, but then you have to fold the coupons. Even if you just use a regular 3-ring binder, you can purchase these sheet protectors that would be much easier to use because you wouldn't have to fold your coupons. So glad to have this link for when I need to order more sheet protectors!http://http// Too cool! Now I just need to find some type of clutch for in my purse that I carry with me all the time with restaurant coupons and gift cards and my cash divided among its categories. We use the cash system for most of the things that I purchase & it works great!!! I spend SO much LESS money because I need that tangible reminder of how much I am actually spending & how much I have left. I like to be able to see & feel my money :o) We use cash for: groceries/Walmart, clothes, eating out/entertainment, piano lessons/special recreation & classes for the kids, gifts, etc. I am using a coupon organizer from the dollar store right now, but it is ripping already. I have tried the Dave Ramsey wallets too, but they just have paper envelopes as well. , so I have ripped out of those too. Will just have to keep least I can get a new one for $1! Blessings, Ladybug

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