Monday, July 12, 2010

July - Month of the Precious Blood of Jesus

July is the Month of the Precious Blood of Jesus. Each month has a dedication & I will try to post some activities for each month. My files are all at school, so in the summer those activities will usually be limited to what's in my head (not much! LOL) and what I have found online. I have always been a little jealous of the people who have a rich heritage & hold onto it & have traditions they still practice...and one day I realized I DO have that Catholic faith! One way we can pass that faith on to our children and make them LOVE it is to celebrate the liturgical seasons of the Church year. You can find out more about the Liturgical Seasons here: and here:

And now on to the Month of the Precious Blood...

The picture is one I took of the heart my niece made using a heart mold to make a heart out of Jello and then added drops of blood, also with Jello. You could also make finger jello & cut out hearts with a cookie cutter or knife and use the leftover pieces in the pan to make drops of blood.

Learn to draw a chalice and grapes:

Sacred Heart Color Sheet:

Here is a beautiful prayer, as you can see they put it on a drop-shaped piece of red cardstock:

Have fun!

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  1. There's something I love so much about this jello sacred heart :-)